10 Gram Dead Man's Ceramic Poker Chips
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Product: 10 Gram Dead Man's Ceramic Poker Chips
Code: PCL-DM

Average price per chip: $0.67

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Product Description

The prefilled quantity per chip color selections shown above are the most popular and work for most games. However, you can make color/quantity changes per your requirements (in increments of 25 chips please). Simply change the quantity in each box to what you want and then click the add to basket button.

The average price per chip shown above will vary based on the quantity ordered. The minimum order quantity is 200 chips, and ordering is in increments of 25 chips. You can see a complete price list, with quantity price breaks, at the bottom of this page.

Looking for a unique casino grade poker chip? We proudly introduce Dead Man's Poker! This chip design is a Pokerchiplounge.com exclusive and is not sold anywhere else. The Dead Man's Poker chip series is a high end ceramic with the same quality level as a true casino chip.

Designed & Printed in the USA

We always get asked the question, "what is the chip you have that's closest to a casino chip?" The Dead Man's Poker chips truly are one of the top 5 poker chips we offer that equate to casino quality. And even better, they have a unique and fantastic design that looks incredible.

Each of the 7 chips in this series has a different design on it. Shown on each chip is the "true" dead man's hand held by the legendary Wild Bill Hickok as he was shot dead playing a poker game in Deadwood. A different skull image appears on each chip denomination.
The chips are made from a high density single-composition material to ensure high strength. The artwork is not a sticker or label and is not printed on top of the chip. It is a part of the chip, so the image will last. Each chip is hand printed and can be compared to Chipco brand poker chips and other casino quality ceramic chips. Similar chips are found in many casinos, including the Palms, Luxor, and others.

Here are some attributes of this awesome chip: 

  • Available in 7 colors/denominations
  • Excellent Stack ability
  • Each chip color has its own unique design
  • A Pokerchiplounge.com exclusive
  • Full color image is a part of the chip - not a sticker, label, or printed on the surface.
  • Linen texture on the surface of the faces gives a great feel to the chips
  • Ceramic polymer material - no metal slug in the middle of the chip
  • Casino level chips - similar chips can be found in casinos worldwide
  • Design is exclusively licensed and with a 2007 copyright
  • Designed & Printed in the USA
  • NEW! Customization available! Customize text and denominations. Contact us for any customization you require.

Dead Man's Poker Ceramic Poker Chip Pricing

Shipping not included. 

200 - 299 Chips - $.89 per chip

300 - 399 Chips -  $.78 per chip

400 - 999 Chips - $.67 per chip

1,000 - 2,999 Chips - $.66 per chip

3,000 - 4,999 Chips - $.64 per chip

5,000 - 9,999 Chips - $.62 per chip

10,000 -  14,999 Chips - $.59 per chip

15,000 + - Call For Pricing

Weight of Chips:
10 Grams
Chip Design:
Dead Mans
39 mm
Available Base Colors:
White, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Purple, orange