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10 Gram Ceramic Custom Poker Chips - Clayramics

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  • Buy 300 for $1.15 each and save 62%
  • Buy 500 for $0.92 each and save 70%
  • Buy 750 for $0.84 each and save 72%
  • Buy 1500 for $0.81 each and save 73%
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Quick Overview

The minimum order quantity is 300 chips.

10 Gram Ceramic Custom Poker Chips - Clayramics

This section is to just choose the mold impression of the chip. Their are two mold impressions to choose from, diamonds and a pair of playing cards. These mold impressions are engraved into the chip, which gives the look and feel of a molded clay chip. You will choose the chip base and stripe colors in the following steps.

Maximum image width: 1000 px.

Maximum image height: 1000 px.

Add a UV security print to your chip. The UV security print is visible under UV light only, and can not be seen under regular white light. There is a one time $250 plating charge per unique security image plus $.10 per chip additional. The $250 plating charge is waived if you just want the text "PCL UV SECURITY" printed.

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Clayramics - Clay and Ceramic Chip Fusion!

One of the most challenging parts of creating a good custom poker chip is being able to bring the important attributes of a clay chip together with the ability to fully customize it from edge to edge.

Before Clayramics, ceramic chips lacked the mold designs and aligned edge spots of a clay chip. Clay chips lacked the ability to create a full color custom designed chip. With Clayramics, you get the best of both worlds.

When placing an order for Clayramics, you first choose your chip mold strike design. Currently we offer two mold designs, diamonds and playing cards. These designs, along with the center circle, are carved/molded into the blank chip. This is one of the attributes that makes Clayramics look and feel like a clay chip.

Clayramics blank poker chips mold designs


The next step is where you tell us how you want your chip designed. Custom text, graphics, chip and edge spot colors are all options with Clayramics.

Clayramic custom poker chips


Standard on Clayramics is aligned edges. This is a advanced process of aligning the edge spots on the face of the chip with the edge spots on the rolling edge/third side of the chip. Aligned edges give the look of a true clay chip.

UV Security

One of the best attributes of Clayramic chips is that they are more difficult to counterfeit than an inlay or standard ceramic chip. However, you still may be concerned about someone slipping a fugazi into your cash game. 

Clayramic UV Security Stamp for gaming chip

As an add on service, we provide UV security printing as an option to provide your business with heightened counterfeit protection. You can get our standard "PCL UV Security" text printed in UV ink on your chips, which will only be visible under UV light. We can create your own custom text UV print for an additional plating charge.

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