**This is a repost from our old website blog from 10/2012**

As we proudly design and print challenge coin poker chips for the US Military, it can be easy to forget at times the true sacrifice made by the men and women who fight in the wars that protect our freedom.

After receiving the email below from one of the units we made challenge coin chips for, we were reminded how brave and heroic our soldiers are, and how dangerous the day to day life is in Afghanistan. The staff at Pokerchiplounge.com is proud of the sacrifices you have made for all of us, and  we all hope you return home safe, and soon.

(Names have been removed for privacy)

ied1 ied2

I just wanted to share a quick story - A few weeks ago several of my Soldiers were in an engagement that included an IED going off near them. One of my Soldiers lost both his legs in the blast. Another one of them took a significant amount of shrapnel to his body and face. The one who took shrapnel to the face had the "company" poker chip in his pocket. How much of the blast the chip absorbed is unclear, but it shattered in his pocket.

He recently emailed me (he is back in the US now) and asked if we had been able to recover that chip. Fortunately we had, so I will be able to send him that original chip and a replacement one as well. Anyway, I hope you are doing well. Thanks again for the chips and take care!