Crystal Poker Dealer Buttons - Route 66 Crystal Poker Dealer Buttons - Route 66
Crystal Poker Dealer Buttons - Route 66

Crystal Poker Dealer Buttons - Route 66

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These custom poker dealer buttons are made of K9 crystal. The image is printed on the back side so it shows through the top side of the button. Full edge-to-edge customization in full color. These look incredible and it truly is the hottest dealer button you will ever come across.

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What is the Prestige Series crystal dealer button?

Forget about boring white dealer buttons. These dealer buttons looks absolutely amazing! They're made of K9 crystal, which is a material that looks and feels like glass, but is much less fragile (K9 crystal is used in commonly when making chandeliers).

They are heavy, weighing just under 5 ounces each (125 grams), 3.18 inches in diameter and a thickness of .4 inches.

Las Vegas Hologram will really bling up your table! It features the famous Las Vegas sign set on a holographic pattern that looks incredible when reflected through the crystal. 

These buttons are crystal clear, and the image is printed on the bottom side, where it can be seen through the top of the button. 

The images are printed directly onto the crystal, it's not a sticker!

The images appear to be inside the button when looking through the top.

They can also double as a drink coaster. Whether you've had a dealer buttons before or not, you will be amazed by these.

What is a dealer button:

For those who don't know, in Texas Hold'em when there is  a dedicated dealer,  the dealer position moves clockwise every hand so that each person at the table will experience the good and bad of their table position. In games where there is not a dedicated dealer, the dealer button marks the spot of the player currently dealing.

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