Custom Hot Stamp Poker Chip - Galaxy - HMK Custom Hot Stamp Poker Chip - Galaxy - Im All In Custom Hot Stamp Poker Chip - Galaxy - 52 Custom Hot Stamp Poker Chip - Galaxy - HMK - TN
Custom Hot Stamp Poker Chip - Galaxy - 52

Custom Hot Stamped Poker Chips - 11.5 Galaxy - Custom Die

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Submit your order with no money down! Only pay for your order after you approve your design proofs (we will email them to you after you place your order). Free UPS ground shipping to the 48 contiguous US states. Please order in increments of 25 chips. 500 chip minimum order.

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We will make one or more custom hot stamp dies, and each poker chip can be custom hot stamped with your custom image. 

The hot stamp is filled with your choice of black, gold or silver foil.

Standard production time is 10 business days for custom die hot stamp orders. Custom express rush production is available for an additional charge.


The hotstamp is done on the 11.5 gram Galaxy poker chip. This chip has a white base with 6 stripes and edge markings.

Because the chip has a white base, our traditional gold and silver color foil hot stamps do not contrast well with the white background.

Here we are offering a new black metallic gloss foil stamp. The black gloss print color really contrasts with the white chip background and looks incredible with almost any logo.

This chip is great for those looking for a poker chip that doesn't have traditional poker markings like Suits, Aces, Kings, etc. These chips are available in your choice of 9 different color combinations.

Hot stamped chips are a great fit for those looking to to medium to large chip runs for a lower price than a color printed custom poker chips. 


The per chip price to hot stamp is shown at the top of the page. There is a 500 chip minimum order and color quantities must be ordered in increments of 25 chips.

A single die creation fee is  $55 die creation fee plus $15 set up fee.

Additonal unique dies after the first one are $20 each (up to 5 unique)

After 6 unique dies the pricing repeats as outlines above.

Example 1: You want to print the same logo on both side 1 & 2 of all the different color chips in your order. 

Price = price per chip x quantity ordered + $55 die creation fee + $15 set up charge.

Example 2: You want to print two different logos. One logo on side 1 and the second logo on side 2 of all the different color chips in your order. 

Price = price per chip x quantity ordered + $55 for first unique die fee ($55) + $20 for 2nd unique die fee ($20) + $30 set up ($15 x two die setups)

While these aren't the only hot stamp configuration scenarios, these two examples will give you an idea of how the pricing works. All pricing is calculated automatically once you add your overall chip quantity in the qty field at the top of the page and click the start order button.

We require your images to be a black and white vector file. if you don't have your images in this format, please submit it anyway and we will let you know if there will be any additional image recreation fees.

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