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Texas Poker Room Packages

Texas poker rooms have been springing up all over Texas. And they are legal. By taking no rake, and instead of charging a membership fee, the model charges either per hour to play or a monthly membership fee per player. Card clubs can operate legally in many cities in Texas by using this business model.

The clubs that are doing it right have gotten city permits to operate. This model started a few years ago and is now just growing, with some clubs even offering franchises. has helped dozens of Texas poker rooms get up and running by supplying quality customized clay and ceramic chips, as well as gaming accessories required to run a successful business. We have a proprietary system that secures your artwork so no players can counterfeit your gaming chips through us.

If you're planning on opening a poker room or currently are running one and looking for a new supplier, please call our sales department at 310-489-6681.

We provide special discounts to poker rooms for bulk chip orders.