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We're glad you're here! We specialize in designing and printing custom gaming chips, poker sets, and poker tables. We think you'll find our wide selection of chips suitable for whatever you need them for, whether it be casino applications, home game chips, poker chip gift sets, or as promotional use items. We have a team of graphic designers that can help you customize poker chips with the design you had in mind.

Besides customized gaming products, we also have a huge selection on non custom poker chips, complete sets, and accessories available with same day shipping. has been providing the slickest custom poker and gaming products since 2005, and we thank you, our customers, for helping us be successful over the last 13 years.

Custom poker chips serve more purpose than chips for a high stakes night at the poker table. They can be used for drink tokens at an event, golf ball markers, and unique business cards that promote a business.

Customized poker chips give a professional and authentic feel regardless of how they are used. Poker Chip Lounge specializes in golf markers, personalized chip sets, custom poker chips, and more.

Custom poker chips are made from various materials. Most of the custom poker chips we offer are clay, ceramic or high tensile strength ABS plastic. Below is a list of the chip types we offer:

Ceramic Poker Chips

Ceramic chips are considered casino grade. They are popular for professional and home poker play, as well as for other promotional uses. That being said, customers who use ceramic chips are very happy with them. They are a high-quality, upper price range chip.

Ceramic chips became an alternative to clay poker chips because ceramic is more durable than clay. Casinos use ceramic chips, but they can be purchased for the home poker market. Even though they are referred to as ‘ceramic’ chips, they are not made of ceramic.

These chips are a polyester based resin or plastic similar to porcelain or ceramic. They are made with an injection molding process. The design of ceramic poker chips is very identifiable.

The faces are completely flat and the images on the faces of the chips are printed edge to edge. This gives you the ability to create a fully customizable chip. The ink is pressed into the chip using a high heat manufacturing process, so it's not printed on the surface and can't scratch off without the actual chip wearing down. If you want to learn more about how ceramic poker chips are made you can click here.


Clay Composite Poker Chips

Clay composite poker chips are injection molded. To be more precise, the ingredients are a clay plastic mix. A metal insert is sometimes molded into the center to give the chip a heavier weight which is preferred by most of our customers.

Clay composite chips can vary from mid-range chips to higher-end chips and are the most commonly sold chip since they are affordable and good quality.


Compression Clay Poker Chips

The most respected chips are termed "compression clay poker chips". While most of us think of clay as the material we used in pottery class in high school, in compression poker chips it's quite different. They usually contain a base of the mineral Barite, along with other ingredients to help bind the chip like shellac.

The manufacturing process uses compression molding that involves extreme pressure and heat to bind the materials.

The majority of clay poker chips have a design that is familiar. An inlay is the depressed middle of the disk. Particular models are molded outside the inlay. There may be stripes along the edge that contrast in color to the central portion of the chip.

Mass production techniques are not used when making compression clay chips. They sometimes have physical imperfections. Advantages of clay chips include:

● Professional casino quality

● Good texture and feel

● Good sound

They do not feel slippery and make a nice splash in the pot. The chips come in a variety of weights, colors, and designs. These poker chips are considered high-end chips and make a distinguished home poker game.

The cost of the chips is the most significant drawback. Clay poker chips are the most expensive type. Compared to other poker chips, they wear out faster. The chips are more prone to scratches and dents than other chips. This is why smaller to midsized card rooms tend to stay away from this chip since it can be costly to replace.

Below are the print manufacturing processes used for customizing chips: 

Custom Inlay Poker Chips (Ink Jet Printed)


An inlay is a term the industry uses for what consumers might call a "sticker chip". It is typically the round graphic located in the center of a chip. The inlay is printed via inkjet printing, laminated, cut to size, and then adhered to the customized poker chip center by hand. 

All inlays are not the same. You can print a paper inlay sticker on your home printer and put it on your chips. However, this won't hold up very long at all. 

Quality inlays are printed on a vinyl with an industrial strength adhesive. More important to the quality though is the lamination. A laminated inlay will protect it from dirt, skin oil, and liquids that may be spilled on the chip. 

The quality of the lamination is key as well. Thin clear laminations do not hold up well and will peel. We use only the highest quality polycarbonate based laminations, the same material that is used to protect flooring. 

Quality inlays do not bleed color when wet and are very difficult to scratch. They are made for a somewhat harsh environment. We carry a wide variety of polycarbonate laminated inlay chips to choose from for printing custom poker chips. We also sell the inlays alone if you want to apply them to your own chips. 

Inlays can be used on all chip types: compression clay, clay composite, hybrid ceramics, and ABS plastic chips. 

Custom Direct Print Poker Chips (Ink Jet)


This process prints directly to the chip without the use of an inlay. This process uses newer flatbed inkjet printer technology and creates a real stunning chip. The only drawback is ink adhesion is not good on certain compression clay chips, where inlay print method would have to be used. But they work great for clay composite and ABS plastic chips.


Custom Direct Print Poker Chips (Dye Sublimation)


This process can be used on ceramic chips only (see above), and involves using high heat and pressure to transfer the ink directly into the chip.

Custom Hot Stamped Poker Chips (Foil Stamp)

This process uses a heated die that physically stamps and impression through foil onto the chip. Different foil colors are available although gold and silver are the most popular.

The main advantage to hot stamped chips is cost. A double-sided hot stamp chip will cost in the mid 20 cents range (plus die fees if applicable). This is great if you are doing a promotion that requires a lot of chips on a small budget.

Disadvantages can be that the stamping can only be mostly be done only on ABS plastic chips, as the pressure from the stamp can crack most clay chips, as well as foil adhesion issues.

Weight of Poker Chips


There is a big misconception about the standard weight of casino-grade poker chips. Those who believe the weight is 11.5 or 13 grams are mistaken. The chips found in Las Vegas casinos are anywhere between 10 -14 grams. So consider weight as a personal preference and not so much an indication of chip quality. 

Weight is not the most important factor that consumers should consider when purchasing custom poker chips. The important factors are how slippery the chips are, how they sound as they rifle through or splash into the pot, and how they feel to the touch. 

If the budget does not allow authentic casino chips, strive for chips that approximate the texture, feel, and the sound of casino chips.


The Customization Process


The first and very critical step to creating a great custom poker chip is to have quality artwork. If the image you are starting with is poor resolution, then it doesn't matter who prints your chip, the final product will be bad. 

If you have graphic design skills you can submit print-ready designs to us. For those that don't, we offer inexpensive graphic design services by experienced chip designers, as well as image recreation and vectorization.

Custom poker chips are not just for gaming situations, but excellent personalized gifts for graduations, anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. They also offer a unique way to promote a business.

They can be designed with custom logos, chip denominations, or simple initials. There is an almost endless number of possibilities. There are three stages of custom poker chip design:

● Concept
● Draft and Revision
● Production

 The concept stage is the most important. The customer conveys the idea to our designers via online form. As a general rule, the clearer your vision is, the faster the finished product will get done. 

Stage Two is the design draft and revision. We email the digital proof to you, and you reply with any needed changes. This may take a few rounds before your final approval is given, but it's all part of the process. 

Once approved, the final stage of print production begins. Special requests are made before the final stage. 

We offer either bulk chips or chips in preconfigured custom sets with a variety of wood and aluminum cases.

Personalized Poker Chips For Anyone 

If you're new to poker or are buying a gift for someone and feel a little lost, please browse around our site. Feel free to call or email contact our customer support department, we'll be glad to give you advice and direction on getting what you need. Also, be sure check out our blog, there you'll find insightful articles and buying guides to assist you.