It's one thing to create a custom poker chip with your logo and promotion on the back. But how do you know the effectiveness of your poker chip promotion? This article will discuss how variable numbering your chips can help you track conversions.

When you own an online store, tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is fairly straightforward. You simply have tracking URL's that have specific codes in it that let you know when someone came to your store and made a purchase.  Also known as a conversion.

But businesses that are not eCommerce or ones that don't sell online products can have a tougher time gauging the conversions of their marketing events.

For example, lets take the fitness business. Let's say you own a gym and attend various local events to promote your business.  You may go to an annual fair or health expo in your city and set up a booth to hand out promotional material and meet face to face with potential customers.

But how can you track how effective the money you spent for a booth at these events actually produced customers? One way is to ask them "How did you hear about us?", but people are busy and many times they won't remember how they first heard of you, or they just tend to skip that section when signing up as a member.

Using poker chips as a marketing hand out can be very effective. The first reason is that people tend to keep poker chips more than lets say, a business card or flyer. They can easily put them in their pockets or purse without it taking up too much room or getting crushed (which will make them more inclined to just throw it away).

But the next and most important thing once you handed out a bunch of chips at a marketing event, is to know if any of the people you met actually converted to a customer.

The simple answer is to print variable data on your chips. What these means that in one area of the chip, a different number, code, or text  is placed on each chip you have.


You own a fitness gym called Hardcore Training.  You purchase 1,000 custom poker chips with your logo or promotion on it, and plan on handing those out in three different marketing events planned for the year.

One event is a booth you rented as a exhibitor at a health fair. You figure that based on the number of attendees there, you will hand out about 500 chips to the different people who will stop at your booth.

So you bring 500 chips with each chip marked 1-500 in small but readable type one side one and hand them out. You make a note that chips numbered 1-500  were handed out at the health fair.

Now if someone comes to your gym to sign up as a member, and hands you a chip with the number 258 on it, you know since 258 is in the number range of chips that you handed out at that event, that by attending that event you converted one customer to a sale!

Here is an example of what that chip may look like:

Custom Poker Chips With Sequential Numbering

Note the number 258 printed in small type below the first in the logo.

Variable numbering is a great to track your marketing efforts when using custom poker chips as promotional materials.

Poker Chip Lounge offers variable numbering on all of our different styles of custom poker chips.