10 Gram Ceramic Custom Poker Chips - Semi Custom - Arrow Series
10 Gram Ceramic Custom Poker Chips - Semi Custom - Arrow Series
10 Gram Ceramic Custom Poker Chips - Semi Custom - Arrow Series
Custom Poker Set In Mahogany Case 500 chips - Stay Zen.jpg
10 Gram Ceramic Custom Poker Chips - Semi Custom - Arrow Series 10 Gram Ceramic Custom Poker Chips - Semi Custom - Arrow Series 10 Gram Ceramic Custom Poker Chips - Semi Custom - Arrow Series Custom Poker Set In Mahogany Case 500 chips - Stay Zen.jpg
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10 Gram Ceramic Custom Poker Chips - Semi Custom - Arrow Series

Place your order now with no money down. We will email you design proofs, and pay only after you approve the designs and are ready to put your order into production.
This product ship free via UPS ground within the contiguous USA.
1. Add your overall chip quantity to the quantity field above.

2. Click the add to cart button and configure your set in the pop up window.

3. Click add to cart again at the bottom of the configuration window.

4. Check out and submit order.

5. We will email you design proofs for approval within 24 hours.


What this is and why you need it:

The Arrow Series Poker chips is one of our newest semi-custom chips. 

Customize these however you want! You can change, add, or remove any text you see on the face of the chip. There are 7 different standard colors to choose from, however you can change the color combinations on any of these chips, making the customization possibilities almost endless.

Ceramic chips enable you to print your image directly into the chip. In comparison, an inlay chip image is printed off the chip and then set into the chip base of your choice.

This means that with ceramic chips, you can create a fully customizable chip from edge to edge. You can customize the face and rolling edge of the chip. One of the limitations of inlay chips is that you can only customize the center area of the chip. Ceramics give you more design flexibility than inlay chips if needed.

One of the amazing things about ceramics is that the image is actually embedded into the chip, it does not print on the surface where it can scratch off.

Common Question: Are there any limitations to the Casino Pro ceramics chips?

Yes there are a few. The manufacturing process is sophisticated. All chips are handmade and high heat is used to embed the image into the chip.


Under the high heat production conditions, colors will shift vs. what is seen on digital, computer generated proofs. Matching colors is difficult on ceramics. If exact PMS color matching is critical to you, we would need to do trial and error prototype print runs, correcting color until the sufficient match is achieved. There is extra cost involved in prototyping and color correcting.

For best color reproduction, we have a color pallete that contains representations of most colors, that we know reproduce the best. We advise to stock to thsat color pallette whenever possible if you are designing your own chip.


Design is important. Certain effects that can be created in graphic design programs like Photoshop do not print as they would on paper. Solid backgrounds with small type will show some bleed into the text and make the chip look "fuzzy". Stay away from using gradients as well.

So design is important, keeping it simple with a "less is more" philosophy with ceramics is the best advice we can give. We can advise you in designing or create a ceramic chip design for you.

Common Question: Are there any other charges I should know about on a standard chip order besides the per chip price?

Yes there can be. Below are examples of possible up charges:

Text On Rolling Edge:

The rolling edge of the chip is edge of the chip that you would roll it on if you were to roll it on a surface. Ceramics enable you to custom print the rolling edge of the chip. 

There is no additional charge for standard edge stripes or solid rolling edge printing. However, if you want to print text or symbols on the rolling edge, there is a per chip upcharge. See the image below for an example of text on edge printing. 


Text Printed On Edge of Ceramic Gaming Poker Chip


Chip Design:

There is a $40 basic chip design fee with your custom chip set. This includes an original design, one round of medium revisions, and two rounds of small revisions. If there are multiple rounds of revisions or major design changes midway through the design phase, graphic design charges will apply at $45 per hour.

Most chip designs can be completed for $40 if planned correctly. This is why it's important to know what you want and explain it to us in the most detail as possible in the beginning.

Chip Sizes:

The Casino Pro ceramics are available in the standard 39mm (1.54"), 43mm sizes (1.69"), and 46mm sizes (1.69").  

Custom Illustration:

Custom illustration is when you send us a logo or graphic that's poor quality and needs to be recreated by an artist.

Many people pull images off the web and send it to us expecting that it can print. Usually these images are too small in size or are poor quality and need to be redrawn by hand. That is custom illustration.

Custom chip design is where we would take that recreated illustration, or any other design element, and incorporate it into a custom chip design. Custom illustration costs around $40 for average sized jobs, and up to $100 for complex jobs. We will email you the redrawn art files for any future printing use after completion.

If you have any please contact us via our contact form or phone.

To start an order, go to the top of the page, and click the "Click To Start Order" button.

Customization fields will then open in the middle of the page where you can customize your chip.

No payment is required upfront when placing your order (except in the case where this extensive graphic design work involved, in which case we will ask you to purchase a design package before beginning any design work).

Once you place your order, our design team will get to work and post digital proofs to your account within 1 business day. Once you review your proofs, you can either request revisions or approve the proofs and pay for your order.

Once proofs are approved and the order is paid, your order will go on the production schedule. Standard production time is 5-7 business days plus ship transit time. Rush production is 1-3 business days plus ship transit time. 

  • Casino grade ceramic poker chip. Image is heat pressed directly into the chip.
  • You can customize this chip with your text in two different locations.
  • Your choice to mix and match up to 7 different colors and denominations.
  • Printed in the USA at our California printing facility.