Giant poker chips shown as a coaster with customization (Note these will ship blank with no customization in center). Giant Poker Chips - Blank In Four Colors Giant Poker Chips - Blank - Black Giant poker chip is shown with customization. (Note these will ship blank with no customization in center) Giant Poker Chips - Blank - Blue Giant Poker Chips - Blank - Green Giant Poker Chips - Blank - Red
Giant Poker Chips - Blank In Four Colors

Giant Poker Chips - Blank

In stock

Giant-sized poker chips (over 4" in diameter) made of solid ABS plastic. Available in four colors: black, red, green, blue. Center is custom ready for your graphics or just use blank. Great for coasters.

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What is a Giant Poker Chip?

Regular poker chips are nice, but they are, so very.....small!
Here's a nice solution. One huge authentic poker chip, printed with your custom image, that puts the others to shame!
Each chip weighs 64 grams (2.3 ounces). At over 4" in diameter, it has the look and feel of an authentic poker chip...Only a heck of a lot larger.
There are 4 different color chips to choose from (red, green, blue, and black). The center area is blank white. You can choose to add your own printing here or just leave them blank. 
if you would like us to customize this chip for you, please check out our Custom Giant Chips.
They make fantastic promotional giveaways for your trade show or any event. Something anyone is sure to hold on to.
How do you use your Giant Chip?
Sure it can be used as a drink coaster, dealer button, or card cap but let’s be real, chips are currency and currency feels GOOD in your hands. There’s nothing like hearing the familiar sound of a stack of heavyweight chips clinking under your fingers and these monsters will show you mean business.
High-Quality stuff here!
Giant Chips are manufactured by a patented process out of the same high-quality poly-resins that the top casinos like the Bellagio, Paris, Wynn and Caesar’s use to manufacture their chips.
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