Modiano Deck of Toscane Italian Regional Playing Cards
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Modiano Deck of Toscane Italian Regional Playing Cards

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Level up your card game and rediscover Italy’s history and culture with these authentic Italian playing cards. Created by Modiano Cards in Italy, the Toscane deck belongs to the French regional style of Italian playing cards. These cards are most commonly played in the North Western portion of Italy.

The Toscane deck contains 40 cards which are four suits from 1-7, and three face cards such as the King, Queen, and Fante (Infantry Man).

French-style decks such as the Toscane feature French-style suits like the Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds. In terms of design, the face cards of this deck showcase a full range of colors, while the 1-7 cards are in single solid colors. Size-wise, these cards are wider than Northern Italian cards but are still smaller compared with traditional US cards.

Modiano Playing Cards are 100% plastic playing cards with superior texture and shape retention. They are easier to shuffle and handle compared with other plastic cards that have an extremely smooth surface. Also, Modiano Playing Cards are waterproof, damage-proof, fade-proof, and are thicker than most playing cards, offering impressive durability. On top of its high-quality structure, the back of each card is designed with vivid colors and striking designs, making them truly stand out.

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